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Palm Beach County PGT Windows

If you’re looking for high-quality, durable, and affordable hurricane-resistant impact windows, then our Palm Beach County PGT windows are the perfect choice!

PGT Hurricane Windows & Doors

The construction industry in Florida takes hurricanes and storms very seriously, and South Florida Windows and Doors is no exception. Florida receives the most number of hurricanes and thunderstorms each year compared to all the other states. That’s why South Florida Windows and Doors has partnered with the top impact windows manufacturer in America to provide you with state-of-the-art glass windows that can withstand the strongest storms that hit Palm Beach County, FL.

You may be familiar with the term PGT windows. They are specialized impact windows manufactured by the Florida-based company PGT. If you’re looking for a dedicated, experienced local company to install PGT impact windows in your home, office, or any building in Palm Beach County, then South Florida Windows and Doors is the clear choice. We only provide the best materials handled by the best window construction and design experts in the business. Our company can install the best PGT hurricane-resistant windows for your home fast and flawlessly for the fairest prices in town.

For new PGT windows in Palm Beach County, you can trust South Florida Windows and Doors. Our only goal is to be our customers’ one-stop-shop for everything they need regarding windows and doors that withstand hurricanes. Talk with one of our local window experts today, and change your life with authentic and high-quality PGT windows that are perfectly suited for your home.

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Why Choose PGT Windows by South Florida Windows and Doors

PGT Window Company

South Florida Windows and Doors has all the premium PGT windows you can get in Florida. We have the single-pane PGT casement windows that offer dynamic shapes and designs, as well as great ventilation options. We also have PGT single hung windows, which are made of one unmovable window and a moveable one (for ventilation) placed together vertically. Finally, we have PGT awning windows that are similar to casement style, but they open outward.

Other PGT products include the following:

  • WinGuard Vinyl 500 Series
  • WinGuard Aluminum 700 Series
  • SpectraGuard 2300 Series
  • PremierVue 2700 Series
  • PGT Vinyl 2100 Series
  • PGT Vinyl 2200 Series
  • PGT Vinyl 400 Series
  • PGT Aluminum 200 Series
  • PGT Aluminum 600 Series
  • Architectural Systems 300 Series
  • Architectural Systems 3500 Series
  • Architectural Systems 800 Series

Performance Impact Windows

Transform your security and safety against hurricanes and other sources of harm with PGT impact windows from South Florida Windows and Doors. Small rocks, branches, or whatever debris strong winds may hit these impact-resistant windows, they can surely withstand it for many years without fail. The unique construction of hurricane windows means that even if they are damaged during a storm or from the impact of flying debris, the broken glass is more controlled and less likely to contribute to the hazardous conditions. A safer, smarter alternative to traditional windows, South Florida Windows and Doors’s PGT impact windows might be the best upgrade for your home or company yet.

Hurricane impact windows protect you

home window installation

With South Florida Windows and Doors’s PGT windows made from the best materials and substances in the industry, you can bid your worries goodbye whenever hurricanes hit Florida. These durable windows are built to withstand strong winds and the various debris that ordinary glass windows cannot take. Their ability to resist impact is already impressive. But do you know that they can also protect you from other kinds of undesirable elements?

Burglars might think that glass windows can be easily taken down. But impact windows will make it hard for break-ins to occur. They can also keep out unwanted noise from outside, reducing the noise pollution inside the building.

Finally, they can also keep away up to 90 percent of the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. To get the full benefits of PGT windows, make sure to work with a window company you can trust. South Florida Windows and Doors has been working with local Florida customers for years, leaving only satisfied reviews on the road. We ensure you acheive the full benefit of durable PGT windows, and we want to be your partner in getting those new hurricane-resistant windows.

Hurricane impact windows are very economical

Impact windows are also known to help regulate the temperature inside a building. They keep the heat out while still letting enough light in. So for people in Florida who experience summer heat all throughout the year, getting impact windows can help lower your air conditioning bill.

Tinting your impact windows is another cost and energy-saving option. This will help in further regulating temperature. These features of impact windows will help you save more energy and money. With our first-rate resources and expertise, South Florida Windows and Doors will help you decide on the ideal PGT impact windows to best fit your needs and goals.

Full-Service Hurricane Window Experts

residential window replacementSouth Florida Windows and Doors is a FL state-licensed general contractor. This means that our window and door products and services are the best in the business, meeting or exceeding state and local regulations for construction standards.

With our years of experience in the construction industry, our team of window specialists is equipped with all the industry knowledge and skills needed to flawlessly conduct the planning, designing, construction, manufacturing, installation, and finishing of your Palm Beach County PGT windows. All we need from you is to tell us what your goals are for your windows, and our experts will find the best solutions for you.

Impact Window & Door Provider

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If you’re still unsure about getting PGT windows, we can help you out. We are happy to aid our customers not just with the technical aspect of window construction, but also with helping them decide on the best choices for their windows. Our customer service process starts with a free consultation with a certified Palm Beach County, FL PGT window expert that can discuss with you the options you can take.

With South Florida Windows and Doors, you will get only the best storm-resistant PGT windows available in the market. It all starts with your call.

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