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Palm Beach Gardens Custom Impact Doors

It’s not enough to get a door; it should also pass the test of time and harsh forces of nature. South Florida Windows and Doors can provide that for you any time you want!

custom front impact doors

Working with the best designers, engineers, and contractors, we pride ourselves on providing impact-resistant doors that are tailored for each of our client’s unique lifestyles. It is our embedded belief that providing reliable products without foregoing style is what our craft should truly be. Ever since our foundation, South Florida Windows and Doors has been doing that, leaving a trail of satisfied customers and beautiful, safeguarded homes behind.

We offer impact doors that you can fully customize to fit your needs and goals. Our door experts will gladly take your preferences and put them all in the final design of your door. We will also help you assess the pros and cons of the door that you want and discuss its effects on the overall safety and appearance of your home.

With us, you will never have to worry about your door’s quality. All our products are made from the finest wood, tested to withstand the strongest hurricane wind that may hit your home. Aside from forces of nature, our doors are also equipped to keep intruders out of your comfort zone.

Your Palm Beach Gardens property only deserves the best. Please don’t settle for less and get the door that will elevate its beauty while maintaining security for your family.

Contact South Florida Windows and Doors at (754) 704-1033 to get a free quote for your custom impact door now!

Doors to Safeguard Your Home

Palm Beach Gardens Custom Impact Doors door replacement segment block 300x199Above everything, the security of your house should come first. After all, you built it as a safe place for your family to begin with. That is why when it comes to your door, only choose the impact door that will complement your Palm Beach Gardens home and lifestyle.

Here in South Florida Windows and Doors, all our custom impact doors are crafted from premium hardwood such as Brazilian Mahogany or Honduran Mahogany, Cedro Macho, and the likes. All these hardwood types have physical properties that make them not just durable but also resistant to different biological attacks or issues.

Our custom impact doors are also conforming to all codes and requirements, whether according to local or state-wide standards. All of our products are tested for impact resistance, forced entry, as well as water and air infiltration. They are all Miami Dade Code approved, which means they passed the most stringent manufacturing standards in the country.

Miami Dade County has improved its construction guidelines ever since Hurricane Andrew, a category five storm, devastated Miami in 1992. This made all their approved products safe and recommendable not just in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, but all over the world.

Additionally, our impact doors do not only meet all hurricane codes but are also equipped with standard sentinel 3-point lock system. They also come with decorative backplates and lever handles. If you prefer the commercial lock mechanism with pull handles, we also have that available.

The bottom line is this: whether you are looking for hurricane-resistant, theft-proof, or just plain long-lasting impact door, South Florida Windows and Doors can provide that for you.

Customize Your Impact Doors

Palm Beach Gardens Custom Impact Doors 7e8aa1b07efa27c4dd969f42e4930ae3Aside from quality, we also work to produce doors with great style. We offer impact doors available in different designs and finishes, all without getting their durability compromised.

Based on your location, needs, goals, and lifestyle, we can tailor an impact door that will reflect who you are. Of course, this would be done with the expert input and guidance from our designers and engineers.

You can either choose from our design collection, show us a photo, tell us your wants, or just give us the customized detail of your desired impact door. No matter how you do it, we guarantee that we will deliver the finished product without failing your expectations.

Perfect Deal for Your Budget

Prices will differ based on your custom impact door’s dimensions, style, color, hardware, and other features. Although there is no sure way to give you an accurate amount, what South Florida Windows and Doors can guarantee is that you will never enter a losing deal with a purchase from us.

Being on the business for a long time now, we have earned the trust of developers and homeowners when it comes to offering our services for a reasonable amount of money. Whether for our doors or extended services, like installation and repair, we never charge a dime too much.

Rest assured, we can always work around your budget with our product’s quality and style intact. Talk to us, and we can surely come up with an agreement that’s favorable for both our sides.

Your Custom Door Experts

Palm Beach Gardens Custom Impact Doors French Doors 2 300x224For all our years of service, we never left a client unsatisfied. Together with our designers, contractors, and engineers, South Florida Windows and Doors is on the quest to provide durable custom impact doors for all Palm Beach Gardens homes.

If you browse our online catalog or visit our shop, you can see nothing less than attractive doors made from the best materials available in the market. All our previous projects are successful, all thanks to our expert team, who already mastered the art of door making and installation. From designing your door to delivering and installing it, we promise a smooth and hassle-free process.

Aside from working with us for the design and preparing the payment, you have nothing else to worry about. We guarantee that in no time, you will get to see the quality impact door that will effectively keep you and your family safe from hurricane and intruders alike.

Let-s Talk- Free Consultation

Palm Beach Gardens Custom Impact Doors ecopure logo new 300x123Do not look for the perfect door somewhere else. South Florida Windows and Doors got it all right here for you. Let us know what you need, and we will make it happen. Trust us; there is nothing impossible if you work with talented craftsmen and dedicated workers.

Choose only the best partner when it comes to keeping your home safe and stylish. Choose us!

Contact South Florida Windows and Doors at (754) 704-1033 to get a free quote for your custom impact door now.